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Hi, I'm Liuda

I work with small businesses, entrepreneurs, and sole traders offering them Online Business Management (OBM) and Virtual Assistant (VA) support.

I help overwhelmed business owners realize their plans and focus on the things only they can do in their business. My mission is to help them to be successful and achieve their goals.

It all starts with booking your discovery call with me.




OBM helps to layout plans and projects to ensure that everyone is getting the right stuff done and progress is being made to meet the goals of the business.



VA helps you with different types of administration tasks to make your business more productive.


I work with small & medium-sized businesses to

accelerate their success.

"Liuda brings with her a rare combination of business management experience and passion for superior client service. She is an open, enthusiastic, and committed communicator. Liuda identifies needs for new business processes, researches and suggests appropriate solutions. She is a fast learner and a consummate professional, committed to quality and attentive to details. With Liuda’s help I can focus on design and delivery of my services, knowing that my back-office processes are well managed."

~Elena, Executive Coach

“Liuda (Mila) brought a wealth of knowledge to my business – especially when it came

to creating SOP’s and getting organized using Asana. She had a genuine interest in my success and went to great lengths to ensure business systems and operations were optimal. She’s also not afraid to research the latest and newest and provide honest feedback about better ways of accomplishing goals. She’s a skilled, dependable & reliable helping hand who made me feel like “I got this!”.

~Jackie, Entrepreneur

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